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GaryLH 12-20-2014 18:55

Let's see those Quattro shots :D
As a result of the thread that Keith started...


I decided that the Quattro needs a separate thread.. I maybe the only RFF member w/ a Quattro..Not sure..over time I hope others will join this picture thread. :D

Unless I state otherwise, all shots are done in small RAW. This gives the best color accuracy since the sensor is setup in a pseudo 1-1-1 (RGB) as opposed to large RAW which is 4-1-1 (4 blues for every green and read). I do not blow up big and thus small RAW suites me just fine. If I need to blow up big, I really don't mind using the 2X output mode of SPP or just reset to large RAW. IMHO, the color accuracy of large RAW may not be as good as the Merrill or as good as small RAW, it is still better in most cases than the color accuracy of your standard Bayer array sensor output.

I currently use my Merrill cameras for landscape work and the DP2 Quattro for more general work...

Anyway all the shots in this thread from me are from the DP2 Quattro with mainly Aperture manipulated OOC JPGs (Quattro OOC jpgs are superior to Merrill OOC jpgs - almost night and day difference). Exported from Aperture in 1024x1024 max size setting.


GaryLH 12-20-2014 18:58

I'll start this thread off by pulling my Quattro pics from the various Foveon threads here.....

Some of these shots like the ones of the cats are cropped around 40% to get rid of the kennel bars at the SPCA. Most of these shots have some level of cropping.


GaryLH 12-20-2014 18:59

Hit the max picture per post. So here is part 2.

GaryLH 12-20-2014 19:00

I will start posting my new Quattro stuff here as I go.


Keith 12-20-2014 19:12

Thanks Gary ... these are all good. The monos seem a little more contrasty than the Merrill equivalents.

GaryLH 12-20-2014 19:19

Yeah.. I think u are right.. I'll check what the Aperture version looks like. Could be google plus doing some additional post processing..or me just not noticing :(


GaryLH 12-20-2014 19:38

Btw. The b&w shot of the kids helping w/ the Halloween window decorations... I don't think I could have gotten it w/ a dp2 Merrill. The af lock would have been slow. I walked by those kids and decided it would make a good shot. Turned around just as the kids noticed and they smiled just as I got af lock.

Af speed of the Quattro is twice as fast as the Merrill, but still slower than the Sony a7...


GaryLH 12-21-2014 03:45

Monochrome mode is definitely different on the Quattro Keith. I know I mentioned this in my initial impressions thread. I actually forgot done of it (old age).

- in mono Quattro is missing the saturation control.
-- on my Merrill, for mono I have -4 for contrast and -2 for saturation
- the exposure comp is set for 0 but on the Quattro, I need to set it to +1, otherwise I loose blacks fast.
- contrast is set to -6 on the Quattro as opposed to -4

Some of the higher contrast shots here were before I figured a lot of this out...but some of the others still have a bit more bite in the contrast then my Merrill did. I'll experiment w/ lowering the contrast in Aperture..

Now that I think about it... I wonder if it is the Quattro jpg engine. I'll play w/ around w/ some raws to c.


EastNeuk 12-21-2014 14:14

A few samples...

GaryLH 12-21-2014 14:21

Love that second to the last shot of the trees and snow.. Keep them coming.. I don't feel so lonely anymore, there are other rff Quattro users out there :)


EastNeuk 12-21-2014 16:03


Originally Posted by GaryLH (Post 2427605)
Love that second to the last shot of the trees and snow.. Keep them coming.. I don't feel so lonely anymore, there are other rff Quattro users out there :)


Thanks, Gary. I enjoyed your set, especially the two of the rusting car. Thanks for getting the thread going.

GaryLH 12-21-2014 17:25


helenhill 12-21-2014 17:45

Yummy Good that Quattro output

Love what You do with Color Gary... And Those snow shots are Divine 'Eastneuk'

GaryLH 12-21-2014 18:08


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 2427332)
Thanks Gary ... these are all good. The monos seem a little more contrasty than the Merrill equivalents.

Did some playing around today. The jpg engine vs the raw shot monochrome vs raw shot color and converted to b&w via silver fx pro 2.

- the Quattro jpg engine has slightly more contrast then a tiff 16 from the same file using default settings
- spp 6.1 can provide a gentler contrast that will bring back more tonal range if required by using the contrast slider
- spp 6.1 mono conversion creates a file pretty close to the one from the Merrill (Merrill monochrom files from me have always gone thru spp to tiff 16 anyway)
- using the contrast slider in aperture, I can also fix the contrast difference in the jpg, but going thru the tiff 16 output of spp gives me more control
- the ooc color jpg converted to b&w via provides a less contrasty image then the ooc mono jpg as well


GaryLH 12-21-2014 18:09


Originally Posted by helenhill_HH (Post 2427656)
Yummy Good that Quattro output

Love what You do with Color Gary... And Those snow shots are Divine 'Eastneuk'


Solinar 12-21-2014 18:25

I love the tones in the landscape shot below.

Best Regards,

GaryLH 12-21-2014 18:46


GaryLH 12-21-2014 19:31

A couple taken while walking around the neighborhood today


EastNeuk 12-22-2014 17:08

Two more before the thaw:

noimmunity 12-22-2014 19:27

some awesome images in this thread!

EastNeuk 12-27-2014 10:07


GaryLH 01-03-2015 19:57

Around the area close to Piedmont Grocery Store.. Someone built this little lending library house on their front garden area. :D


GaryLH 01-09-2015 11:46

Some shots from yesterday.. These are all ooc jpgs that have been run thru my aperture workflow.

Monterey Fisherman's Wharf

Beach at Carmel, close to sunset


mingkookoo 01-09-2015 12:05

Nice set Gary :)
Won an last minute ebay bid on a used dp2 Quattro and received it Yesterday. I have to say it seems quite a bit faster than my dp3m in general. Here is a quick jpeg with settings from the previous owner :D
Hv to download SPP 6.02? to check out the raw files next week for sure.
The little guy from Toronto Humane Society:

black and white at iso800
ps. I think I'll shoot 21:9 exclusively with my dp2q

GaryLH 01-09-2015 12:26


Congrats on the eBay acquisition :)

Yeah..get the latest spp...6.1

Your local human society sure looks nice.


GaryLH 01-09-2015 12:42

Some things to note..

- The matrix metering on the Quattro does not do as good a job as the one on the Merrill.., I tend to use exposure comp a lot more..need to play w/ average metering more.
-- if u shoot in monochrome, u will c this issue more than color
-- while Merrill monochrome mode, just did it right, maybe Quattro better to go back to shooting everything in color..still deciding what is best. Spp on the otherhand does a good job of toning down the high contrast.
- while the ooc jpgs are far superior to the ones from the Merrill, they tend to be more contrasty to me.
- awb is better than on the Merrill, but not as good as my Fuji cameras
- af speed feels about double that of the Merrill, but not as good as even the Fuji cameras.
- spp will give u better control of those high contrast shots as well as lift those shadows
-- expose for highlights u want to retain and let spp lift those shadows


mingkookoo 01-10-2015 06:59

Thanks for the tips Gary, have a great weekend !
Cheers :)

Samouraï 01-11-2015 16:43

The BW looks naturally a bit too contrasty for my tastes. I'll remain with the Merrill cameras until I find a used Quattro somewhere down the road. Or an SD-Quattro is released that is so good that I can't resist (full-frame).

GaryLH 01-11-2015 19:08

Converted raw tend to be less contrasty then the ooc jpgs.. Will do a raw convert for u.


GaryLH 01-11-2015 23:12

OK -- here are converted RAWs from SPP 6.1. The only SPP setting change is -1 for contrast. This time there is none of my normal Aperture workflow scripts. This setting seems to give more tonal range to play with right out of SPP for the monochromes...

I tend to like it a bit more contrast and punchier, this is why I am OK w/ the OOC JPGs. But when I run things thru SPP, I normally set contrast to -1 so I can have more tonal curve to play with.


Scheelings 01-12-2015 01:25


Originally Posted by GaryLH (Post 2435172)


I'd print that one. Fantastic shot.

GaryLH 01-12-2015 09:07

Thanks..so much

EastNeuk 01-13-2015 05:20


Originally Posted by GaryLH (Post 2436133)
Thanks..so much

The photograph of the beach is really lovely.

Something of the opposite scenes from over here:

GaryLH 01-13-2015 09:32


Man does that look cold..the 3rd and 4th shots look good..


EastNeuk 01-14-2015 06:33

Thanks, Gary. Regrettably, although the quality of the images may have improved in shots three and four, the weather did not.

Samouraï 01-14-2015 06:52

Wow, beautiful work guys. Gary, thanks for posting those BW shots, the feel is definitely more my style than the ooc Jpegs. And that beach shot, amazing. And then those snow shots near the water. Wow, this looks like a great scene-setting wide camera, looks like MF.

noimmunity 01-14-2015 07:14

I'm surprised to see that the Quattro still has the magenta and green casts in cloudy skies that I noticed with the Merrill. Judging by the well-deserved accolades, however, it looks like it doesn't detract from the image. For the most part I feel that way about the Merrill, too.

GaryLH 01-14-2015 09:28

Thanks Samourai and Jon.


EastNeuk 01-15-2015 17:18

Thanks, Samouraï.

GaryLH 01-16-2015 11:33

Some shots around the Pt Reyes area yesterday


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