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jamesj 10-21-2018 13:30

Super old Ricoh GRD III
Sooo Im wanting to clean my old GRD III for my daughter to use. It currently has crazy amounts of dust on the sensor. Im going to take it apart and if it doesn't work again no big loss. Im trying to find out what size swabs I will need. Sensor size 1/1.7" (7.44 x 5.58 mm) Sensor type CCD.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanx all!

Phil_F_NM 11-05-2018 16:56

For cleaning sensors, I've used all sorts of stuff with no bad results. The best I've found are the sponge-type makeup applicators that you find in compact makeup cases. You can buy these by the hundred or so from drugstores, beauty suppliers and probably even Amazon. They don't have fibers to shed and they don't disintegrate when pure alcohol is used on them (the ones I've used haven't at least.)
Also, the best cleaner I've used aside from those are a good old rocket blower.

Phil Forrest

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