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nikonhswebmaster 07-15-2017 06:06

Greatly Reduced
I will miss many of the lovely people I have met here, and drop by if I need advice or thoughts on equipment. But I probably will not be reading "I will avoid Leica NJ from here on...". I fell into it yesterday (first article I had read in months), and realized it was like my trying to read Fyodor Dostoyevsky in Russian. So much detail, I was impressed, but confused. :eek:

Have fun, trust me, you won't want to look back on not having fun.

NIKON KIU 07-15-2017 19:53

I read the post and you better NOT delete it.
I read it as one from the heart, those are worth leaving as legacy.

Cute picture, looks a bit like a younger Angelina.


back alley 07-15-2017 20:47

rff is an odd place to 'hang out'...i've met in person with some folks and they are all pretty terrific...i feel most comfortable here when talking about gear and feel most hopeless when talking about photography...as a talentless hack it's the gear that keeps me going. i'm currently working on owning every lens that fuji makes and accepting that none of it will get me that great shot i hope for. i think that rff can be a most unpleasant place for the more sensitive and the truly creative and just plain no fun when the unknowing trolls hit the pavement running.
so fred, i wish you the calm that helps to soothe the soul and wish you the best in your creative endeavours.

farlymac 07-16-2017 17:23

Not many folks around here say Goodbye, they just sort of drift away, and after some time you think "Hmmm, what's-their-face hasn't posted anything for quite a while".

I wish you well in your endeavors, Fred, and please, do check in once in a while.


Chris101 07-16-2017 17:50

Ya know Fred, we all come back at some point. Good luck with your new computery endeavors.

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