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Bob Michaels 05-15-2018 19:18

turnaround time at Fuji repair in US?
Has anyone had a camera repaired at the Fuji repair depot in the US? I am trying to get an idea of turnaround time.

My XT-1 has the rubberized coating coming off. The glue has just given up from carrying the camera so in my hand in hot humid environments. My local tech says he does not think he can reglue it because the rubberize coating has expanded. He does not think he can buy the new covering from Fuji US.

Also, the on / off switch, the one surrounding the shutter button, is becoming stiff. It may be from sweat wicking down in there. While it still works, I'll go ahead and have that switch replaced. When the same thing happened with my Zeiss Ikon, he could locate a switch from a parts camera at another repair shop but not so with the Fuji.

Fortunately, I have a backup but its a X-Pro-1 and the handling is just not as intuitive for me at this time.

Bob Michaels 05-16-2018 17:03

Has no one else used a Fuji body enough to wear out that rubberoid body coating? Does everyone else just keep buying the newest model when released?

Darthfeeble 05-16-2018 17:41

Of course we do, the economy needs us! Seriously, I have an X100 from when it first came out that only needed some work after I dropped it. My XP1 Looks like the day it arrived, June of 2012. The only experience I have had with Fuji repair was when I first bought the XP1, the aperture ring on the 18mm was very stiff so I sent it in. They simply sent another lens that hadn't been tested as it had the same problem. I learned to live with it.

Beemermark 05-16-2018 17:50

Th eyepiece came off my X-Pro2 (a very common occurrence) and after contacting Fuji in Edison NJ I sent it in a couple of months ago. Don't really remember how long it was but it was quick. Maybe 2 weeks from the time I mailed it. Unlike another company in NJ, good communications and I thought a quick turn around.

Steevo 05-16-2018 18:36


I just sent my XT1 in about a month ago for a couple of hot pixels. I registered the repair online, downloaded their repair form and sent it in. I got the written estimate about 10 days later. I approved the estimate and paid online, and it took about another 10 days to get it back.....for a total of about three weeks. FYI. Cheers!

Steve W.

Bob Michaels 05-17-2018 02:28

Thanks for the update on the reasonable turnaround times at Fuji NJ. I am holding out hope that my local camera repair shop can get the parts from Fuji.

Jack Conrad 05-17-2018 04:29

About a year ago, my XT-1 rubber grip started falling off, so I removed it,
trimmed the stretched excess off with scissors and glued the grip back on with super glue. Perhaps not the most elegant fix, but it's been holding fine ever since.

MCTuomey 05-17-2018 07:26


Originally Posted by Bob Michaels (Post 2810182)
Has no one else used a Fuji body enough to wear out that rubberoid body coating? Does everyone else just keep buying the newest model when released?

Going three years with the same two XT1 bodies, Bob. Shooting events, music venues, and travel. Hot and sweaty to cold and snowy. Minor signs of use on the coating. I use the MHG-XT grips, so that might make a difference, not sure.

f16sunshine 05-17-2018 07:37

I experienced just under 2 weeks on a repair. That was in 2014.
Communication was good. It really seemed like Fuji had their **** together.
The grip on the Xt1 getting loose is a pretty well known issue.
Fuji has done a ton of them (replacememnts) so,.. it should be quick.
I had a 3rd party handgrip on my TX1 which seems to have saved the rubber.
More importantly though is it's a better fit for bigger hands.

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