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retinax 02-14-2019 13:45

Strange pattern on print
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I got this weird pattern, pictures show a small crop from print. Most visible towards corners of the print and in mid tones. The average edge length of these artefacts must be 0.2-0.3 mm on the negative, if they are on the negative. Not visible through the grain focuser, nor with loupe. I've printed other negatives from the same film, but not as large and not as high contrast, and see nothing on them.
What could this be? Reticulation? Something to do with the anti-newtion glass carrier which has a texture roughly the right size?

sepiareverb 02-14-2019 15:31

How much are you stopping down the enlarging lens?

retinax 02-15-2019 00:13


Originally Posted by sepiareverb (Post 2869150)
How much are you stopping down the enlarging lens?

One stop, to f/4.

sepiareverb 02-15-2019 04:02

Unlikely to be the glass then. Can you scan the neg to get a look at it?

It is really hard to get most modern films to reticulate, they have hardeners in them to prevent it. What film and developer? Stop bath in film processing mixed right?

retinax 02-15-2019 07:36

I have no scanner here. But I've exposed some paper through the carrier without negative and it seems to be this pattern. Strange because although the enlarger might be not perfectly aligned, the grain seems sharp enough as well, and I've double checked, the negative was in the right way around, emulsion against the normal glass side. The lens is a Schneider Componon-S, I don't think it has unusual field curvature. So perhaps the paper was bulging up in the middle, leading to differential focus toward the corners. What do I do, short of buying a vacuum easel? Switch papers I guess.. And/or back to glassless carrier and try to flatten the negatives somehow.

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