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darinb 07-27-2009 13:35

Help ID and value odd micro-Nikkor?
I have a Micro-Nikkor 55 3.5 with an odd, textured coating on the barrel.

I posted this on the main NHS board a year or two ago and I was given contact info for an expert in the US and one in Germany. The consensus, if I recall correctly, was that this was a prototype of some sort made by Nikon. Others felt it might be the work of a hobbyist.

I want to sell it and thought I'd check in here for any more thoughts on its origin and what I should ask for it. Here are a few picts:





Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Livesteamer 07-27-2009 14:23

The Micro Nikkors are wonderful lenses. Keep it and use it. A 55mm f2.8 Micro Nikkor was my main lens for many years. I still have it and use it occasionally. It may have been a variation when they needed to use up some wrinkle finish paint. Enjoy and Good Luck. Joe

NIKON KIU 08-04-2009 15:22

One of the issues with a lens like this is the lack of other known examples!
If there was a known batch of lenses with this finish, collectors would know about them and look for them. This is the only one I have seen or heard of---in the era it was produced---the finish looks like a good match to a Nikon F2 titan but none have been seen offered with those cameras.

My gut feelings say it's geniune Nikon, but there are no documents or provance provided that would make that totaly clear.
This may have been special ordered by a PJ, Nikon is known for doing stuff like that.

Now, regarding selling this piece, I would try www.Nikonians.org


darinb 08-04-2009 15:32

Hey Kiu,

Good idea about selling on Nikonians--maybe smarter than e-bay--more likely to reach a colector?

Problem is, on e-bay I can make a guess at the starting price and then see where it goes. On Nikonians I have to start higher and move it down if needed.

Only I haven't a clue what to charge. Shouldn't there be some measure of premium over a regular version? Any suggestions? I realize that we are not talking big bucks here. Just want to sell it fairly...


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