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kshapero 03-05-2014 19:34

It's 2014, are you still using film?
We have been down this road before, but the times they are a changing. Has the onslaught of cool digital cameras find you shooting film less and less or maybe not at all? For me I have entered the digital age but still shoot mainly film. What about you?

SolaresLarrave 03-05-2014 19:43

So far, since the begining of this year, I haven't pushed the shutter release button on any of my two (gasp!) digital cameras (a Nikon D700 and a Fuji X100).

Wait... I take that back. I did take some twenty-plus shots in February, with my D700. But that's about it.

thegman 03-05-2014 19:43

Not using digital for anything, well except my tablet for taking photos for eBay etc.

I just can't seem to extract the same sort of enjoyment from digital, as I can with film. Plus with film I can experiment with different things more easily an inexpensively. I can try out 4x5 (and have) pretty cheap, same cannot be said for digital medium format.

kknox 03-05-2014 19:44

Color film is becoming more of a hassle for me. The cost of processing & the price of film. Been shooting almost all my color in digital, B&W on film.

Takkun 03-05-2014 19:49

What Knox said.
Took some time off photography to do some editing and work on a huge project, but I'm back shooting probably 2-3 rolls a week on an architectural documentary project. Just picked up another 100' roll of Tmax!

My 'cool new digital camera?' An M8, since this is the year I travel more, and I'll concede that film isn't as flexible as I want on the road (or, rather, in the air).

Michael I. 03-05-2014 19:50

all film, all the time

Armando Salazar 03-05-2014 19:59

only film
I work in b&w and color motion picture film (developed in c41)

A Salazar

raindog61 03-05-2014 19:59

2014: the year I promised myself I would only photograph with film. Bought another Leica body, repaired my Widelux and purchased a Jobo CPP2 film processor.

Bottom line: I felt I was losing all of my acquired knowledge and craft as an art form.


Mackinaw 03-05-2014 20:07

Sure I still use film (and digital). Why wouldn't I?

Jim B.

colyn 03-05-2014 20:19

I couldn't vote since 90% is not an option but most of my color and B&W is film. As far as digital I've done more with the iPhone camera than with my DSLR and G-1 for the last several months..

nikku 03-05-2014 20:35

Still shoot lots of film, and more transparency film than ever. I am still learning what films work best for my uses. Tri-X is my primary bw film, and for color I shoot Portra and Velvia (50 and 100). Unfortunately E6 prices have increased dramatically this year, which means I may start limiting my E6 shooting to 120.

Bingley 03-05-2014 20:41

What a silly question. Of course.

Ko.Fe. 03-05-2014 20:42

Family pictures on film and digitally. It is easier to get dozen of keepers on digital for family album.
Reportage for public display, macro, wildlife and film gear for sale is quick and easy for me with DSLRs as well. Color is something special on film, but most of color photography I do is taken digitally.

Here is no cool digital cameras for me. Some of them are nice tools to hold in hands.
Would check new ones and ... no emotions.
On opposite side, still remember how I hold slightly trashed M4-P for first time in used cameras department at the Downtown Camera store in Toronto.

To me film is for pleasure. Film RF even more pleasure. 75% and even often I have film camera only with me. Film is even more pleasure after picture is taken. It is only to bring it on the paper in the darkroom. Sure it is still film after scan, but wet print is the only true image if taken on film. Also making it computers free is liberating.

It is also pleasure to use exactly the same camera and lens I was using thirty years ago. Again, exactly the same camera and lens. Same one. The same...
I'm in different country, different continent, different life, different language and same camera in 2014 as in 1984. Because it is using film and it is RF.

van_d 03-05-2014 20:45

My digital gear has been collecting dust for a year and a half now. Although I was hoping to get a decent digital compact to ease film costs, I find it hard to justify $1,300 for an X100S (the most likely candidate) when a used M6 can be had for a few hundred more. I've also taken a greater effort to look at digitally shot street photography and I still find it very hard to get on board with the more sterile look, especially for B&W. Colour, it seems, has an easier time replicating film, so I may end up just using a hypothetical future digital camera for colour only and leave B&W to the classics.

FrozenInTime 03-05-2014 20:47

Less than 5% film these days - digital is just too accessible and my darkroom skills have faded too much with lack of practice.

K14 03-05-2014 20:47

Yes...until they pry my barnack from my rigamortis hands.

Pioneer 03-05-2014 20:50

I use my M9 and Pentax Q from time to time (my daughter's recent wedding is an example) but I am at least 75% film. Most of that has gone through my Barnacks so far this year.

Noll 03-05-2014 21:08

You betcha. C-41, Slide, B&W 35mm & 120 - It's all still good.

I started on digital and didn't start using film till about 2009. Since then I find digital cameras less and less appealing (Though, for scanning B&W film, I find that a decent digital and macro lens are an invaluable tool).

bfffer 03-05-2014 21:10

film-leica and digital-phone for me.

kxl 03-05-2014 21:11


Originally Posted by kknox (Post 2313059)
Color film is becoming more of a hassle for me. The cost of processing & the price of film. Been shooting almost all my color in digital, B&W on film.

Same here, and for the past few months it's been 75% color, 25% B&W

Dirk 03-05-2014 21:16

I haven't shot a single frame of film this year. That may change, but in 2013 my film use was 75%. Then I got my first DSLR late in the year, and my film use plummeted. Expense and inconvenience of film are major reasons.

Laviolette 03-05-2014 21:20

90% film here...but with a full time job, two young kids and doctorate studies, time is a bit short for everything photography.

thegman 03-05-2014 21:26


Originally Posted by kknox (Post 2313059)
Color film is becoming more of a hassle for me. The cost of processing & the price of film. Been shooting almost all my color in digital, B&W on film.

I am finding that colour film is only getting easier. In the my favourite labs would process and send negs and scans back on CD, I was happy with that.

Now I'm in Australia my favourite lab puts the scans into Dropbox, so I get them so much faster.

Cost seems roughly static in my experience, but then I buy my film mail order, if I bought from my nearest stockist, it would cost twice as much.

Godfrey 03-05-2014 21:33

An occasional pack of Impossible film in my Polaroid.
A very occasional roll of 120 in the Hassels.
An even more occasional roll of 35mm film in one of the other film cameras.

I've made 4200 photographs with E-M1 and A7 so far this year.
And likely 45 with film cameras.

I like using both. But the magic is in the photographs, not whether I work with film or digital. Each has its specific charm.


redisburning 03-05-2014 21:36

I quit film for 2014.

Pioneer 03-05-2014 22:08


Originally Posted by redisburning (Post 2313107)
I quit film for 2014.

Any withdrawal symptoms yet?

ReeRay 03-05-2014 22:41

As I sit here typing this response my Minolta Multi Pro is chugging away scanning 24 rolls of 120 Acros and I'm loving every moment of it.

Yea, I still shoot film but it's digital for colour.

biomed 03-05-2014 23:07

It seems that my film cameras spend a lot of times on the shelf. I can't say that I shoot as much as 25% film. A friend and I are organizing a group to shoot film. There are about 8 or 9 that interested in doing this. I am not sure what to use - F2 or R3A. Maybe both.

brbo 03-05-2014 23:08

100%. Mostly E-6.

jschrader 03-05-2014 23:11

What counts is film, not still, but again; I loaded the first b&w films after 10 years of color film & digital family photography.

Since I still shoot family in digital, I ticked 75% film. 75% is not the number of frames but the relevance ;)

Georgiy Romanov 03-05-2014 23:14

75% I shot on digital when i need do a lot of crap before you get good one or it's too dark.

Rangefinderfreak 03-05-2014 23:26

I was thinking going 100% to film, but then I learned to tweak my leica M8 images to look like film: 650 iso-2/3 stop underexposure, max contrast, max sharpening. Now the "grain" looks like the Double X Eastman 5222 I am using with acufine. So when shooting with leicas (M3 hybrid, M6, M8) it is most of the subjects 50%/50% Film / Digital. I am scanning my film with hasselblad Flextight high end scanner so the film looks great also. The middle format (Hasselblad V series and XPan) is all film. I sold the CFV digital back, didn`t like the way images looked. Too much fiddling with Photoshop. I have about 6 rolls of 500ft 70mm Aerocon II B&W film in the fridge.. hard pressed to use that up, before I am too old and weak to carry the Hassy`s

mfogiel 03-05-2014 23:27


Rodchenko 03-05-2014 23:27

I don't think my cameras know, or care, what year it is.

Joosep 03-05-2014 23:35

I did the jump. Finally. After so much time.

I freezer is full of bulk film, scanner sitting on my desk, cupboard full of chemistry.
All color btw, no bw.

Got tired of the Frontier color rendering and the Noritsu scratching my film.
Future looks bright now.
Got about 120 rolls of film and chemistry.

nongfuspring 03-05-2014 23:48

Debating with myself over wether I should sell my last decent 35mm camera, a Contax RX with planar 1.4 to fund some fuji X lenses. I'm travelling nearly non stop all year and film is not really practical to develop, though I will be doing the odd bit of medium format.

I'm in HK right now and I'm pretty blown away by how cheap film and processing is here - 120 Porta 400 is about 3.50 USD a roll from one of the sellers at Sim City in Mong Kok.

slidesandthecity 03-06-2014 00:54

100% film and wet printing since january 2013.
I have not regretted selling my DSLR once.

Sid836 03-06-2014 01:01

Had enough of that digital thing! I find spending my time with film much more rewarding.

sem 03-06-2014 01:14

I do both. And I like it.

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