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rfaspen 10-06-2015 22:18

Any special softies in the works?
So its been a little while since I've seen any "special" Abrahamsson softies mentioned. Tom, if you're reading, any plans?

Conversely, any interest in a new softie design? We got the 10year RFF softie a couple/few years ago (like that one BTW, looks good on my chrome Ms) and I think that's it.

I just got curious about this as I went searching for a new softie -- I'm uncertain if any solid-colored versions are available these days as well. The head bartender has silver and black (possibly red), but why would I stick with the same ol' same ol' ?

mdarnton 10-07-2015 04:38

I know one I'd like. I saw a photo somewhere of a Leica M-something with a tiny softie that was just the size of the release button, but moved it higher one or two mm. I have trolled ebay, and the only similar one I could find was $35. In general I dislike softies because I end up with too many photos of my armpit and the inside of my bag, but this tiny one generated a small bit of hope in me that there could be an actual functional one out there.

burancap 10-27-2015 04:09

The last mention I recall was just over a year ago when Joe retired from the mod squad: no longer a mod

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