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tunalegs 02-20-2017 12:24

Back in The Box (photos from box cameras)
The thread a bit further down, about suggestions for box cameras, got me to dig out an old box I've had in storage for many years, as well as repair one that's never worked right, as well as acquire three new ones. Now I'm finally getting back some rolls through them, I thought that I'd share here, as well as encourage others to share their shots out of the box.

The old box which I had never used up until now is a No. 2 Cartidge Hawk-eye Model A. A metal bodied box camera that Kodak made as a cheapened version of the Brownie for premiums.

Hawkeye'd Dummies by Berang Berang, on Flickr

hawkeye'd SAAB by Berang Berang, on Flickr

Not at all bad in black and white.

However in color, light leaks and cyan fringing are much more noticeable:

GTO by Berang Berang, on Flickr

Next up was a 2 1/4A Box Form Ensign (with the name Bertha written inside it). This needed some repair. The shutter would randomly jam, so although I tried to use it once about a year ago I gave up and hadn't touched it since. After carefully pulling out the brads that held the front on, I discovered a loose piece of wood was fouling the shutter mech.

Ensign Box Form Camera Shutter by Berang Berang, on Flickr

Greenhouse by Berang Berang, on Flickr

Yota by Berang Berang, on Flickr

This one is a bit tricky to use, the shutter and aperture are such that it will overexpose 100asa film in typical sunlight. There's no smaller aperture to select unlike the other boxes in my collection. Still, looks somewhat promising.

Lasty, and a big surprise for me, was an Ansco Buster Brown.

Lamp by Berang Berang, on Flickr

Nessie by Berang Berang, on Flickr

Assuming the photographer can hold the camera still enough, the results are remarkably sharp! And the cyan fringing is much less apparent than with the Hawk-eye.

Corner by Berang Berang, on Flickr

I look forward to seeing other's shots with boxes.

seany65 05-25-2019 13:45

Once I've done some with my Gevaert Gevabox, I'll post them here. I've got a colour film in just to see what the results would look like, though I think I'll be using it for mono mostly.

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