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loneranger 10-01-2018 13:59

Which fuji 28mm set ?
Which do you recommend for a smallish 28mm set up? Fuji xe with 18/2 lens or fuji x100 with the 18mm adapter?
Appreciate your answers

Veggies 10-01-2018 14:28

My go-to travel kit was my x100 series camera and the WCL adapter. It was much less pocketable but entirely compact.

ptpdprinter 10-01-2018 14:31

I think the XE2 with the 18mm is smaller than the X100 with the WCL. Of course, the XE2 with 18mm and 23mm is not as small as the X100 with WCL. You can always crop the 18mm image to 23mm.

Dogman 10-02-2018 03:51

Neither the 18/2 nor the conversion lens are optically outstanding but neither of them are terrible either. I sold my conversion lenses because they were kind of a pain to use and I never got around to using them for travel as I had planned to do. As I understand it, the newer conversion lenses for the X100F will automatically reset the camera to identify them so they should be a little less fiddly to use. The 18/2 is very sharp in the center but gets progressively soft from there. It's not noticeable for some photos but when it is noticeable I don't like the look.

The X100 series cameras are really wonderful just as they are. The XE2 with the 18mm is a small, handy outfit. With the XE2, you give up the hybrid viewfinder--something I highly value but it may not matter to you. I've used both setups and if I had to go back and use one or the other again I would pick the XE2 with the 18mm.

willie_901 10-02-2018 05:17

The 18/2 Fujinon is one of my favorite lenses. It was meant to be a reportage lens. The 18/2 was FUJIFILM's first compact design that was not a pancake lens. I do not consider the 18/2 to be a landscape or architectural lens. I wish FUJIFILM would expand the new 50/2, 35/2, 23/2 line to include an 18mm lens. I would pay for this update.

If you want an experience similar to using an analog rangefinder use an X-Pro 2. If you work at a leisurely pace and don't need fast, flexible and precise AF, the X-Pro 1 will do.

If you are comfortable using an EVF, I think the the XE-2 would be better than the X-Pro 1. The XE-3 would be best.

The X100 was an experiment that succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. It was the seed for the X series. The X100 was conceived as and designed to be a digital Canonet QL-III. While FUJIFILM has done an excellent job with the teleconverters' optics, I rejected using them because I felt they changed the handling for the worse.

If you decide to go with the X100, I recommend the X100T as a compromise between cost and performance. However, I think the X100F is worth the extra money.

jsrockit 10-02-2018 15:57


Originally Posted by loneranger (Post 2838245)
Which do you recommend for a smallish 28mm set up? Fuji xe with 18/2 lens or fuji x100 with the 18mm adapter?
Appreciate your answers

X-E3 w/ 18mm F2 unless you need a leaf shutter, built in flash, or an OVF. And that combo is cheaper... and this is from someone who uses both. The X-E3 is super underrated.

Jamie Pillers 10-02-2018 22:29

Xf10 ...... :-)

Archlich 10-02-2018 23:02

XF10 or a used X70.

ruby.monkey 10-02-2018 23:28

An X-E? with 18mm f/2 is a lovely combination - compact, light, and a joy to shoot. Add a 27mm f/2.8 for when you want a more normal field of view. Personally I find that a more compact and better-balanced set-up that an X100? with conversion lens.

gavinlg 10-03-2018 00:31

I would personally go the xe body and the 18mm f2 lens. The 18mm is a really underrated lens - at least as good as any equivalent dslr 28mm, mostly better. My two copies weren't noticeably soft in the corners.

jsrockit 10-03-2018 11:22


Originally Posted by Jamie Pillers (Post 2838551)
Xf10 ...... :-)

Definitely not... unless you want generation 1 fuji autofocus...

Jamie Pillers 10-03-2018 11:35


Originally Posted by jsrockit (Post 2838648)
Definitely not... unless you want generation 1 fuji autofocus...

John, The XF10, given its low cost, is no doubt slower than the current batch of Fuji bodies. But out on the street, I don't feel like I'm missing much in this regard. And the trade-offs... very small body with pretty good ergonomics; 24Mp APS-C bayer sensor; Fuji color, electronic zoom 28, 35, 50mm; and very nice implementation of the Snapfocus idea make the XF10 a very acceptable alternative to say the GR II. :)

ptpdprinter 10-03-2018 11:39

We each have our preferences, but I am not interested in any camera without a viewfinder.

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