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pismo923 12-03-2012 14:16

Whose gallery images consistently make you think "wow" ?
After a couple of years looking at images on this forum, I started thinking about whose images really inspire me. I have seen so many really great images but for me these five consistently make me think " that's just simply fantastic work".

In no particular order: Our Man in Tangier, Tuna, Helen Hill, CheC, StefanJozef

Obviously the list could be much longer as there is an abundance of talented photographers on RFF but these came straight to my mind without even thinking about it.

What five come to mind for you?

Sparrow 12-03-2012 14:26

Frank Petronio (possible sp) ... but he's a unperson now I believe ...

... stuff like this

thegman 12-03-2012 14:29

Probably the photographer who I seem to notice their work the most is probably lynnb. The waves/seascapes are really great stuff.

Peter_Jones 12-03-2012 14:33

I like Martini's desert shots - they are so surreal they could be on Mars :)

pismo923 12-03-2012 14:35


Originally Posted by aperture64 (Post 2022500)
I have never looked at the gallery, but now I am looking for these members' gallery and have no idea how to directly access them. Any help?

If you click on the gallery link and scroll down, there is a section "member Galleries" and albums. That should get you there

Murchu 12-03-2012 14:41

Don't look at the galleries too much, but am consistently impressed by Helen Hill & Erik van Straten (think I have that right). It's great to see work that inspires.

Rogrund 12-03-2012 14:46


Keith 12-03-2012 15:01

For a totally unique approach I think martini does it for me ... his work leaps out of the page of thumbnails constantly.

Steveh 12-03-2012 15:08

If we're talking quality of output and appearances in the gallery picks week in week out, Petronius and Luiman for me - both masters of the urban black and white abstract, and they're the ones who most often make me think "I wish I'd taken that". The two Simons (Simonsawsunlight and Our Man in Tangier) are probably my two favourite people/street photogaphers on RFF.

Michael Da Re 12-03-2012 15:11

[email protected], Keith, Frank Petronio, Martini, Porktaco, Pickett Wilson, Helen Hill, Bob Michaels..............etc,etc,etc.....

koven 01-06-2013 20:16

I like Helen Hill

By the way the Fuji x100 and the xpro 1 thread has a bunch of photographers constantly putting out good work on a regular basis.

Richard G 01-07-2013 02:19

Barnwulf: something calmer and deeper than wow.
Koolzakukumba: yes, wow is close to my response.
Raytoei: definitely wow.
Martini: I agree, wow is close.
Many others I love where wow seems not come to my lips before some other approbation.

astro8 01-07-2013 02:37

mlehrman and semrich definitely cause me to say wow more than anyone else ...but there are plenty of others here that make me say wow.

BardParker 01-26-2013 04:32

+1. Bruce's blog is very informative also.


Originally Posted by Rogrund (Post 2022523)

Shirley Creazzo 02-14-2013 15:49

I may be Sejanus' opposite. There are so many on this site whose photography wows me and brightens my day with their visual offerings. Off the top of my head:

Paulfish, Richard G, MLehrmann, Jcrutcher, lynnB, Our Man in tangier, Tigerphil, Robklurfield, koolzakukumba, Dotur, Rogrund, hteasley, Siracusa, and more recently: Hooberman, OldSchool, Brunswick, and Lukitas .............. but most often and most consistently , Jesse1dog.

I'll be back, my memory not what it used to be.

paulfish4570 02-14-2013 15:53

thanks, shirley ...

cosmonaut 02-14-2013 15:58

Frank Petronia and Tuna.

pakeha 02-14-2013 16:05


Originally Posted by aperture64 (Post 2022500)
I have never looked at the gallery, but now I am looking for these members' gallery and have no idea how to directly access them. Any help?

after 1600 posts you have never looked in the Gallery, seriously?

I can never remember the usernames, but there is plenty in there that i like.
For instance the french guy? did a series on a fishing boat:)

Shirley Creazzo 02-14-2013 16:11

and I thank you.

Jack Conrad 02-14-2013 16:47

Photony Texas and Koolzakukoomba at this moment.

Tomorrow, maybe LynnB and Nikkor AIS, or Eric Van Stratten,

but there are so many... and for so many reasons.

peewee 02-14-2013 16:51

Helen Hill..I always love to see her posts on flickr.

hteasley 02-15-2013 05:15


Originally Posted by paulfish4570 (Post 2074988)
thanks, shirley ...

Yes, thanks indeed.

Rogrund 02-15-2013 05:19

Thank you so much, Shirley. I didn't expect to see my name in this thread ...

leica M2 fan 02-15-2013 08:09

There are just too many tremendously gifted photographers here as have been mentioned.
I especially like semrich, Our Man in Tangier, Miehrman, HH, Tuna, petronius et cetera. There's just not room enough in this space.

hteasley 02-15-2013 08:45

Petronius, Frank, and lately Koolzakukumba constantly inspire me. MLehrman, Luigi, Paul, Rob, and Our Man in Tangier also.

robklurfield 02-15-2013 09:11

Thanks for the attention. I'm blushing.

Honestly, this is an impossible exercise for me, especially since the new gallery software went up. Every week I discover some amazing new talent. Far too many people to list. In fact, when I make my contributions to the weekly gallery favorites thread, I usually struggle to balance guilt about being greedy and posting too many images and guilt over the many I've left out. I simply find myself overwhelmed at how my photos knock my socks off each week AND how many different contributors they've come from.

While I do have some people whose work I come back to again and again, that may be a bias on my part born out of familiarity. So I always try to view the gallery posts with fresh, wide-open eyes. I am never disappointed, as every week, some new person pops up whose work I'd missed before or who's posting for the first time.

I am especially fond of that weekly favorites thread, as the rest of you never fail to turn me on to something I'd overlooked.

In addition to a lot of talent here, there's also a lot of warm generosity (critiques, suggestions, support, encouragement, etc.). I appreciate that beyond words.

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