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PaulN 01-11-2006 14:09

Off shoe flash.. how?
What is the easiest way to connect a flash to the r-d1 and hold it out at arms length? I was at my local calumet, and they all stared at me if I was crazy. The flash I have is a Canon 550ex. Is there some sort of hotshoe to hotshoe adapter I could cobble together?

JoshRoot 01-11-2006 14:24

The 550ex does not have a PC socket.

You are going to need something like this:


But with a PC on the other end instead of that pocketwizard miniplug. Call paramount cords and tell them what you want, they will sell you one.

Or, buy a standard canon TTL off-camera cord. It should sync just fine in manual mode with the R-D1. Although I would test this at the store before I bought one.

saxshooter 01-11-2006 18:51

Check this thread


regarding the Vivitar 283 flash. In practice it would be easier than setting a flash manually because you can use auto aperture (non-TTL) settings.

Sean Reid 01-13-2006 02:13

I was just going to link that until I saw the post above. Saxshooter linked my post about the Vivitar with the remote sensor. That's the ticket, as far as I'm concerned.


kaiyen 01-13-2006 08:54

I find that PC connectors tend to slip out of the socket now and then. You should also be able to get a non-TTL hotshoe cable that slips directly into the shoe of the RD-1 (it has a shoe, right?) and onto the shoe of the flash.


jaapv 01-13-2006 09:32

You'll probably find just the adapter you need here:

Rob 01-13-2006 10:27

if you try to use the Canon 550ex it will only shoot at full power, no adjustments at all.
Just get a vivtar 283 they you can use the manual and automodes just fine.

doubs43 01-13-2006 10:48

Isn't the r-d1 digital? If so, be CERTAIN that your flash doesn't exceed the camera's voltage rating. The early Vivitar 283's can ruin a digital camera. AFAIK, the 285 HV doesn't regardless of year/place of manufacture.

I use a Sunpak flash grip with an FLM Flash Ballhead on the grip. A hotshoe adapter on the Pentax *iDS camera and connecting cord between my 285 HV and the adapter. I use a lot of bounce flash so the ballhead allows me to turn the flash for vertical shots. It works pretty well.


JoshRoot 01-13-2006 14:00


if you try to use the Canon 550ex it will only shoot at full power, no adjustments at all.
100% incorrect.

The 550ex has a manual mode with full-1/128 power adjustments.

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