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Mauro 11-13-2019 03:59

Print Swap
Dear RFF friends,
what do you think about a new Print Swap? I miss this interesting project

Ccoppola82 11-13-2019 07:27

Silver gelatin or inkjet? I’d be interested.

pesphoto 11-13-2019 08:07

Id be in on it...

B-9 11-13-2019 08:25

Inkjet count me in.

Steve_Pfost 11-13-2019 08:50

I'm new here, how does this work? Unfortunately, I don't darkroom print anymore, I use my pro-100. I would certainly be interested.

Godfrey 11-13-2019 09:13

A print swap would be fun.

Generally speaking, the rules of a print swap are up to the originator to define. Whether the prints are B&W or color, wet lab or inkjet, what sizes are acceptable, etc etc are all part of the swap's rules and definition.

I only print inkjet (since about 1994) so a wet lab print exchange I can't participate in. I do both B&W and color work, and would suggest prints that can fit into a US Letter sized document mailer as a max size, and 4x5 inch as a min size. The swap rules should also define the dates when to register for the swap, when the mailing list will be available, and when all the prints should be mailed.

Swaps are fun but require a commitment. Love doing them and seeing what everyone else is working on. :D


pesphoto 11-13-2019 10:47

I only print in the darkroom...

Mauro 11-13-2019 12:11

I'm glad to see this idea is appreciated.
I would be pleased to organize a new edition.. so stay tuned, you'll receive the rules soon!!

sojournerphoto 11-13-2019 14:11

Not been on here in ages, but I logged in and saw this. Yes please Mauro - I like this.


B-9 11-13-2019 14:43

Maybe keep it postcard size for shipping economy worldwide?

Never done a print/postcard swap myself. Pretty excited now that I have a working printer.

plummerl 11-13-2019 15:59


Originally Posted by B-9 (Post 2923643)
Maybe keep it postcard size for shipping economy worldwide?

Never done a print/postcard swap myself. Pretty excited now that I have a working printer.

Having taken part in many satisfying Print Swaps, I found that shipping prints (8-1/2 by 11) around the world from Seattle was very affordable.

Godfrey 11-13-2019 16:09

I think the postcard swaps are great, but that's an even more restrictive format. Stefan has run the last couple of them.

Let's keep it a print swap for this round. And yeah, up to a standard US letter size print isn't too expensive to produce and ship.


B-9 11-13-2019 16:49

good info, right on.

Mauro 11-13-2019 22:55

Great! I am mow working on the new Print Swap edition, and i will psot the rules soon.
It will be an enjoyable project.

Mauro 11-15-2019 01:08

Dear RFF friends,
I am glad to read about your interest and appreciation for this project.
I will organize, and the rules will be posted here within the next few days.
Now warm up your favourite camera.

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