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CameraQuest 05-05-2010 18:05

Leica IIIC K & Barnack Leica References
Its not always easy to find information on Leica IIIC K's, as well as other Barnack Screw Mount Leicas. Below you will find some of the better resources. ALL of these books are well worth owning for the serious hobbyist / collector. Sources are listed in no particular order:

The Willi Hahne List of shipping / distribution records. This is a privately printed record Screw Mount Leicas from 1925 to last IIIg in 1964. It lists serial numbers, dates and other information, in German.

According to the Hahne list, wartime GREY IIIC's - both IIIC and IIIC K serial numbers are
387300 387201 99
390524 387501 3023
391039 391026 13
391699 391424 275
3410 Total Grey IIIC cameras

Screw mount Cameras with Military Engravings, 1939-1945 by Dr. Luigi Cane, published by the German Leica Historica Society, in German. This is a fascinating list of wartime Leicas and lenses listed in Leica's achieves as having military engravings. I believe this superb volume can still be purchased from the Leica Historica Society. This is very detailed list of serial numbers, dates, and other info provided by Leica factory records, with very little commentary. It is a beautiful hard bound 8x11 book of 262 pages with only 13 pages of photos.

Wehrmacht Leica by James Lager ISBN 0-9636973-4-X This is a spiral bound 92 page 8x11 book with Jim's typical commentary and insight, along with many illustrations. It lists wartime Leica cameras and lenses with
military engravings per Leica's own records. However it should not be considered a complete listing as some cameras and lenses received official military engravings after they were shipped from Leica.

German Military Photography in the Second World War
by H. Peter von Pawel, 2009, Easton Publishing LTD. This book is about history and wartime photography, not production records and serial numbers.

Leica Screw Mount Cameras, a systematic approach by Filippo Giunta, Giunta Libri, 1995. This very detailed book lists thousands of actual cameras recorded by Filippo Giunta. It is useful to compare actual cameras with the production records.

Leica: An Illustrated History, Volume 1, Cameras by James Lager 1993. This incredibly beautifully published book set the Gold Standard for beautiful Leica books. It covers all Leica cameras up to 1993, as well as many prototypes.

Leica Illustrated Guide II, Lenses, Accessories & Special Models by James Lager, 1978. Beautifully illustrated with many details, this volume has a section on wartime Leicas.

Leica, A History illustrating evry Model and Accessory by Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck 1983. Similar to Jim Lager's books in terms of beautiful illustrations.

Leica Collection by Shinich Nakamura, absolutely beautiful color plates of rare Leicas, including many rare IIIC's.

Various issues of the LHSA's Viewfinder (a quarterly publication) has hard to find Leica Screw Mount info not published elsewhere, often authored by Jim Lager

My thanks to Rolf Fricke in preparing this list. Rolf is one of the founders not only of LHSA - the Leica Historical Society of America -- but also its German equivalent Leica Historica as well!


akalai 05-05-2010 19:40

Thanks Stephen, a great list for hard to find sources of information on these cameras.

LeicaTom 08-21-2010 23:50

I just thought I'd mention that Hahne's list doesn't include the cameras prepared for the US Army (post May 7th 1945) so add about 500 more cameras to that amount ~ production of Grey Paint Leica IIIC's and IIIC K's are just short of 4,000 :D


crist 10-25-2010 09:38

Real or Fake?

chris7521 10-25-2010 19:19


Originally Posted by crist (Post 1452678)

Looks real enough to me. Some sort of aftermarket attachment on the speed dial, never seen one before. But other than that looks real.

LeicaTom 10-29-2010 20:46


Originally Posted by crist (Post 1452678)

Yeah, real W.H. wish I could had been in on this action.....it sold cheap :/


Livesteamer 10-03-2013 05:10

The paint does not look right but I am not an expert. Joe

Vince Lupo 10-03-2013 05:20


Originally Posted by Yan Silis (Post 2229201)
Could you check it for genuine proof? I have an offer to buy and a bit ****ting:

Any way you can migrate your question into one thread? I see you have this question and photos in two separate threads, so you're going to end up having two different conversations going on. Kinda confuses the rest of us!

BTW I posted a response in the other conversation regarding this camera. Hope it might be of some help.

Yan Silis 10-03-2013 05:25


Originally Posted by Vince Lupo (Post 2229222)
Any way you can migrate your question into one thread? I see you have this question and photos in two separate threads, so you're going to end up having two different conversations going on. Kinda confuses the rest of us!

Sorry, I messed up, feel a bit crazy about think to buy it, what could minimum price for such a condition? The seller will bring it tomorrow and I have to think hard... with your help

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