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bwcolor 03-23-2014 09:14

Sony FE 70-200mm Early Images

Here is a multi-page thread. See samples on second page

Google Translate is more for laughs, but the images look pretty impressive.

bwcolor 03-23-2014 18:55

70-200mm Video Tracking .. A7

uhoh7 03-23-2014 20:25

A shame it is so friggin big :(

I don't doubt it's good, but in the spirit of the A7s, small, light and good would be more impressive.

bwcolor 03-23-2014 20:41

It sure doesn't look that big to me. After all, it has OSS and must cover a FF sensor. Anyway, who says that the camera must always be small. My hands are not comfortable with small cameras and I'm primarily interested in getting rid of the mirror and mechanical first shutter. I've got the grip ordered and plan on keeping it mounted full time. I would be using this as a second camera when shooting sports. Of course, I'm thinking more of a fast autofocus E-Mount FF coming on, or before Photokina. My immediate need is related to shooting sports video. So, the tracking abilities are somewhat important. This use requires that the camera be mounted on a tripod with external microphone and monitor.

I suspect that you will need to go to a smaller sensor and dump the O.S.S. in order to design a small high quality lens with the same effective zoom range.

redisburning 03-23-2014 21:35

I mean people seem cool with the big Fuji and M4/3rds lenses which cover half or one quarter the image circle yet don't manage to be small, so I'm with you bwcolor.

it's a 70-200 with a constant aperture. even a slow f4 makes that a big lens. optical quality seems impressive from sample shots too. I mean you're still way smaller than a D800 and what other camera is in that discussion? To some degree, there is simply no replacement for displacement.

bwcolor 03-27-2014 11:34


More Images

bwcolor 03-29-2014 08:38

More Images

bwcolor 03-29-2014 20:45

More Images From Japan

YYV_146 03-29-2014 22:56

Image quality seems very impressive!

I have the lens on pre-order, but still on the hinge as to getting it or not...

Samouraļ 03-31-2014 18:35

The images are lovely, but it looks awfully large. I guess that can't be helped, though.

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