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Steve_Pfost 09-28-2019 05:44

Adapter for a LTM 35
Hi there, Iíve been following RFF for advice and help for the past year. I typically find my answer to any question without ever having to write a post. However, this one Iím a bit stumped over.

I have some LTM lenses two 35ís (1935 Elmar and 1950 summaron) and a 28 Nikkor 3.5. I found a 13.5 (135mm) adapter that was made for an m3 Iím assuming. It doesnít have the M2 21-35 marking on it, just 13.5.

Now I know that 35/135 are corresponding frame lines in my M4. Will this early adapter that just indicates 135 bring up my 35mm frame line? If I understand correctly it should, right?

ALSO I know this Leica adapters are a bit tough to come by. It seems the Voigtlander ones are just as tough. I need another for a 50 Elmar. I havenít really been able to find an answer to that brand of adapters are OK. I donít know if I want to put down the $80 for one of those Rayqual ones if it is just as good as a fotodiox $14 adapter. And is there any real difference other than 6bit coding between the $14 fotodiox and the $30 fotodiox pro? There arenít many reviews on these adapters.

Iím sorry if this has been posted before, I just didnít find a suitable answer. Finding the lenses was the easy part...finding an adapter seems to be the tough one!


wpb 09-28-2019 07:01

Yes the 135mm and 35mm are "paired" in the viewfinder of the M4, the adapter would bring up both if working correctly.

I've been quite happy with the fotodiox adapters and use them on a 50mm f1.5 Cannon and a 85 f2 Nikkor on a ME (type 220). The adapter is just a 1mm spacer. The 6-bit has no optical advantages, rather it is just to communicate the type of lens being used so the software in a digital M can adjust the image for known defects related to digital capture.

james.liam 09-28-2019 07:49

I think the “Head Bartender” here, Steve Gandy, proprietor of Camerqueat, has Rayqual LTM adapters. Tamarkin Camera in Chicago has a supply of original Leica adapter of various sizes but they don’t come cheaply.

Rayt 09-28-2019 07:55

Do you have a picture of the adapter? Even though the 13.5 adapter will bring up the 35 frame it won’t work on your 35mm lenses if it doesn’t have the cut out for the infinity lock. I learned this the hard way when I bought a Leitz “9cm” adapter from KEH thinking it’ll work for a 28mm Hektor.

Deardorff38 09-28-2019 08:56

Steve, I've got similar lenses ( Elmar 35 & Summaron LTM) among others. I've used a bunch of different adapters and all work on my M4. There is no real difference (in use) from cheap or expensive. For the Elmar (infinity lock) you need one with the long cut out... like the $16 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=photodiox...ref=nb_sb_noss.

Steve_Pfost 09-28-2019 09:36

Ah yes, I've just realized the difference in the original 135's without the bottom cutout and ones with the cutout. This one does not have that cut out so it does me no good. I may check out the fotodiox ones or maybe the rayqual.

dourbalistar 09-28-2019 10:31

The Head Bartender has a page about the different LTM adapter types:

B&H sells two different types of Fotodiox LTM to M adapters:

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