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Originally Posted by Spanik View Post
Great! That's good news. So it was nothing more than flocking? Just curious...

I don't doubt this eats film, try feeding a 6x17. But I do have a 6x12 back, a Mamiya 50 but I'm missing something in between. Got it?

Haha. I got it!

I added flocking and a load of gaffers tape to the outside to keep out the light. I'm currently in talks to print it out of another material so the gaffers tape on the outside isn't needed. The Flocking I think is needed regardless, to reduce the internal glare and deepen contrast.

Is your back a Dayi or Horseman?

Also the 50mm vignettes somewhat (slightly) but I think it adds character. The 75 covers it fully. But you couldn't go wrong with either lens. Both are super, IMHO.
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