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Originally Posted by Papercut View Post
The only image that left me cold -- for both content and printing -- was the one of the Occupy Wall Street shot. It was soulless compared to the other work, bereft of anything except protest as a form of self-conscious theater. It had none of the passion (for the protestors and the photographer) of earlier movements. And this single image was the only b/w digital print that I saw -- there were a few other color inkjets and they were great. But the printing for this shot stuck out as obviously not silver halide and not up to the rest of the show.
I would agree, whatever magic he had was lost in those photos, but it reminded me how fragile creativity, and our lives are. Those letdowns made the show even more powerful.

It is not just a show but a creative journey, a very intimate one. The video was mesmerizing for me.
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