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Originally Posted by Duff View Post
Back in the day I used Nikon F's and F2's with Nikon non-ai lenses. As most of us know, there was a time when these old lenses could be bought for pennies on the pound but now, with the use various adapters, they have a new lease on life, especially on the Sony A7 series. I have used many of my old Nikon lenses on my A7II with great results and frankly regret buying one of the ridiculously expensive dedicated auto-focus Sony/Zeiss lenses. I did a casual comparison of the IQ of the highly rated Sony Zeiss 35/2.8 and my old Nikon 35/2.0 and I could see very little difference in the photos, in fact the center looked sharper with the old Nikon lens. One thing I learned in the process: don't buy inexpensive adapters. I bought a highly rated adapter that was not really inexpensive and found that my lenses were not secured tightly and worse, it actually scratched my lens mount. I bit the bullet and bought a Novoflex and that made all the difference. It cost twice as much but worth every penny to me.
Next time you might want to consider Rayqual adapters -
less than Novoflex, same precision in my opinion

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