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Bigger Better ???
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Bigger Better ???

In your experience, how much does sensor size effect image quality? My limited experience contradicts the bigger is much better mantra. I was recently looking at some portraits taken on both APS-c and medium format. Yes, the medium format was “sharper,” but not by much. Certainly it was not something that would be noticed at all in normal viewing rather than my hyper critical close up view of eye lashes. These were portraits, not architecturals or landscapes, where, perhaps, the difference would make a difference. But the difference was amazingly slight.

I have spend a great deal of time sorting through processing programs and tif conversions to maximize the technical quality of my images. When I am producing the most detailed and sharp images I can from Fuji APS-c and Leica full frame files the APS-c files are sharper than the full frame files.

Of course, there is certainly a lot outside of sensor size that effects image quality. (But who wants to admit that they are often a bigger problem than their camera?) But what does your experience tell you? What are the advantages of large sensors, and what are the advantages of small sensors? How important overall is sensor size in your photography?
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