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Are you testing us?

MORE TO IT THAN sensor size, but all things being equal, bigger is better.
Equal means same print size over 10x, equal pixel size per unit of seńsor area.

Take a PJ camera like Nikon D5. Smaller # of pixels , around 20 million, but they are large and capture more light so low light performance is improved. Less pixels compared to D850 which will make a less noisy large print because it has 45 million pixels. At higher ISO the 850 will be more noisy.

Exactly where in print size these things show and at what iso would take a book and lots of testing. I believe I have seen test show the current best crop dslr will make sharper prints that a D5 because smaller pixels will hold detail better up to some size.

Now 20 or 24 MP camera, one crop, one FF, and if they both have same AA filter, the crop will be better given same size print. Go up the iso scale, things may change.
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