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Originally Posted by RichC View Post
Significant - if you make large prints, which I do.

I rest my case:
(Compare the vertical pairs of images, looking at the large images on Flickr)

The larger the sensor, the greater the tonal subtlety and variation. Sharpness ... you're picking on the least important factor here!
Rich -

You make an important point. It’s easy to assign numbers to some of the contributors to sharpness and difficult to quantify the improvement in tonality. I wish it were otherwise because this limits our discussion about what is certainly one of the important reasons to look at larger pixels. Sadly, web jpgs are not much of a demonstration of either sharpness or tonality.

Looking at big prints from earlier days of digital even in prints from full frame sensors you see the battle between detail and tonal scale. You and I probably disagree because I think there are full frame cameras today that capture fine detail in large prints. But we do agree that there is a tonal difference. Even if there were not so many different digital “medium formats” it would be difficult to pin down the subtle advantages of bigger pixels. I hope there is some very wise person on the forum that can explain this to us. We need a WISE PERSON ALERT.

(BTW, I think Ming has left Blad and is shooting Nikon. It's a crazy world.
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