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Originally Posted by Corran View Post
I have both a black and nickel pre-war and a newer T*, Opton I think.

I've never noticed much flare from either. I tend to use a hood though on them always.

I sold my Leica M9 recently so I no longer have a digital camera to test it on, otherwise I would.
Thanks for that statement!

I am not sure if I used the right term for the effect I mean. Some call it "haze" or "flare". I mean this kind of cast across the frame, most of the time with a blueish/purple tint and a drop of the saturation and contrast in the picture.

In fact I never used a hood on it, this may heavily decrease the effect. Gonna give it a try. Do you use an original hood or some 3rd party 40,5mm hood?

It would be really interesting to see how effective the "T" coatings of the Opton Sonnar work in a comparison!
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