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Originally Posted by PeterP View Post
Thanks for that statement!

I am not sure if I used the right term for the effect I mean. Some call it "haze" or "flare". I mean this kind of cast across the frame, most of the time with a blueish/purple tint and a drop of the saturation and contrast in the picture.

In fact I never used a hood on it, this may heavily decrease the effect. Gonna give it a try. Do you use an original hood or some 3rd party 40,5mm hood?

It would be really interesting to see how effective the "T" coatings of the Opton Sonnar work in a comparison!
Ah, I understand now. Yes, my prewar Sonnar has lower contrast overall (more open shadows). It's actually a nice effect and I have before shot with that in mind. Try it with some slide film and you might be praising the lens for opening up the shadows a bit!

I have not noticed or really tested for a color cast. But I shoot mostly b&w. You might like a simple 81a filter on the lens.

The newer Sonnar is noticeably higher in contrast. Whether or not it's the coating or just a newer, cleaner lens is debatable. Both of my lenses are in good condition with no obvious haze or fungus but the older prewar has that whitish "coating" that develops with age.

As for the hood - I just bought a cheap Chinese 40.5mm vented hood. Works fine, and is cheap.
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