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Originally Posted by NickTrop View Post
This reminds me of the record industry. Big boom when there was the switch from vinyl to digital -- CDRs. Windfall times with people re-purchasing old dead catalog in a new physical format. Gotta hear Dark Side of the Moon on digital, mahn! Physical Graffiti has been off the charts for 10 years -- now it's tracking again, on CDR! A decade or so later the record industry was crying that sales were down when that format changed again -- this time not in the record industry's favor but in Apple and other's favor. The fact was, was that those sales numbers when digital formats arrived were unsustainable to begin with, the product of an era where consumers were willing to spend to transition to a new and better technology. It worked in the record company's favor the first time. But it came up tails for them the next time.

So it goes with the camera companies. The record lables are still around, most/many of them (I don't keep tabs...). They found a way to survive. Scaled down. Merged.

Your analogy is somewhat right, but only partially. Downloading is what destroyed the record labels, not Apple. The vast majority of profits for music is gone and has not returned with digital sales. Dozens of record labels went bankrupt and now only a few remain. Artists mostly cannot make money recording anymore. It's touring where the money is since that can't be stolen by downloading. The music industry is a shell of its former self and is not thriving in any sense of the word. Probably the type of future where the camera industry is heading.
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