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I now am reaping the benefits of such a market, as a person without much budget I tend to allocate resources towards the film side. Finally upgraded my m43 to an EM5 which I bought off an estate. Cheap, almost new, body that may be 6-7? years but can have a long service life. Likewise, I was lucky to get the 35-100 2.8 from a photographer that got it from a gig and sold it cheap.

I do eye in the newer m43 for their "HiRes" mode, or the Sony Alphas, to squeeze higher quality and use it as a "film scanner". Finally, with software like NLP and excellent digital cameras, there is a heir to the ancient lab scanners.

As tools, of course I do see the advantage of the latest generation of bodies. But 2012 seems like "decreasing returns" good.
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