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Innovation for innovations sake is a losing game
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Tim Murphy
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Innovation for innovations sake is a losing game

Dear Board,

In all honesty, who here could not survive with a 12 to 16 Mpeg camera?

Eventually the early adopters stop adopting all the innovations. Who really cares among the majority of users that you can take a photograph using only the light provided by lightning bugs so long as you have a $ 4000.00 camera body and it's corresponding $ 6000.00 lens.

I have newer used cameras, but my most reliable camera remains my Canon EOS 1DMKII. It focuses better and faster than almost anything I own. I take pictures of animals and birds and get some very good ones out of it because of how well it performs. I know there are days when it will struggle to acquire focus because of less than perfect light combined with f4 and f5.6 lenses, so on those days I stay home.

Eventually they, meaning camera makers, will learn that there is a realistic limit to how much you can dump on people before they say they are full.


Tim Murphy

Harrisburg, PA
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