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Actually, a Canon FD 85 1.8 will take much better portraits than a Nikkor 105 2.5 lens, and is one of the "best bang for the buck" portraits lenses you can find for a SLR. It is one of life's great mysteries to me how the 105 Nikkor ever got known for portraits, as it is way too sharp and has ugly bokeh, both qualities you don't want in a portrait lens. Even a Canon "beer can" 135 2.5 takes much better people shots.

To be factual, the 105 Nikkor has never been known as a portrait lens, it was known as a photojournalist lens, and for that it worked very well. Sharpness was OK for that, and no one is concerned about bokeh when you're taking a photo of some ravaged soldier or napalmed civilian in Vietnam. Back in the day, almost every photojournalist shot Nikons because the cameras were almost indestructible.

The H 50 2 lens is one of the few that Nikon produced w/ beautiful bokeh, and it truly is a gem of a lens. Alas, it's too short for portraits unless you shoot it on a digital camera w/ a crop factor. I used to shoot mine on a Canon AE-1 w/ an adapter, which got interesting looks from photographers when they saw that AI prong on it!
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