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fuji packfilm in Polaroid Automatic 100
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fuji packfilm in Polaroid Automatic 100

Just got the Polaroid Automatic 100 today. It came with the original case, instruction manual, even the flash gun and spare bulbs.

I was wondering if 1) the camera must have battery juice to function? There IS a 4.5 volt battery in the camera, I just didn't know if it needs to be changed. (the shutter clicked)

2) the fuji packfilm (FP-100 C) with its 10 instead of the polaroid's 8 sheets is cause for jamming?

Recently I had used the FP-100 B in a $5 Polaroid Minute Maker, and loved the B & W. There were no problem with the film pack. Today, with the Auto 100, (I cleaned the rollers and surrounding area) I kept feeling like I've either loaded it upside down, or...something isn't right.

Any tips and signs to look for? Looking straight on at the camera, I can see the number of the shot on the tap sticking out. Is that how it should be?

Thanks for your guidance!
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