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Originally Posted by HLing View Post
By the way, Charjohncarter, those shots you took with the homemade pinhole camera are beautiful!

Ironically, now that I got the Polaroid Auto 100 working (the battery came in the mail), I could not find any FP100-b film any where. I loaded the FP100 C, but did not get any shot because I jammed it and wasted the whole pack. Next I tried the FP3000 b, which seem to have potential, but I'm a bit confused about the settings and am still in the middle of testing:

On the Automatic 100, there are 4 settings for speed: 75, 150, 300, and 3000. According to the manual, the 150 and 300 are for "future" possibilities. Are they in fact different though? It seemed to me that there are differences in the 4 shots that I took (3000 was way too dark, 75 was too light), but I wasn't very exact with the development time.

In any case, the automatic 100 is a lot nicer than the minute maker!
Thanks, the pinhole is tricky as you have to adjust the time manually. Leave the 3000 on for 3000 film, and then adjust with the lighten/darken knob. Each big line is a full stop. I have to go to about lighten 1.5 stops.
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