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I used to use a dedicated 35mm Film/Dia-Scanner (Reflecta Crystal Scan 7200). But since a short time I use a different approach: I bought a Leica BEOON from the 1950ies and use the Leica M240 with a 50mm Summilux ASPH at f11 to create 1:1 macro shots. The lens and negative holder are comletely shielded against reflective or stray light with some really sophisticated small black card board constructs... As light source I use a iPad with bright white sceen and a diffusor glass plate over it, where the BEOON stands on.

This gives me very fast and very high quality "scans" of my 35mm and 6x6 negatives and dias and is pretty fast. My reflecta needs about 7 Minutes per negative, my setup takes about 30s for one, including placing the negative, blowing dust away and such. It's much better than any scanner I ever used and I'm pretty happy about the quality. The only down point is that there is no automatic dust removal and for color negatives one has to figure out a good workflow and color management. But for BW this is much easier.
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