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Originally Posted by HLing View Post
I've learned the hard way. NOW i know with the Leica IIIf I should not adjust the shutter speed before I've cocked the shutter.

Now that I know that, I've even begun to see information about how this could potentially damage your camera. is it that serious?

My question at the moment is, with what other cameras do I have to beware of in this respect?

Also, is there somewhere a list of things like this that may be very obvious to users, but not to beginners?
In general, no. If it's obvious, it's obvious. The main reason not to set shutter speeds on rotating-dial cameras is, well, because they rotate and the indices don't line up.

If something doesn't appear to work properly, the way you expect, don't force it. Try to find a manual on line somewhere. And consider the possibility that it may be broken already.


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