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Originally Posted by Michiel Fokkema View Post
My hassy must be cocked before removing or mounting the lenses.


Michiel Fokkema
I was just going to ask about changing lens mid roll in general for both Leica screwmount and Minolta SLR SRT 201, though I never owned or used a Hasselblad, and hadn't heard about cocking it before romoving or mounting lenses. That's interesting. What happens if it's not cocked before removing and mounting?

I've found with the SLR that on occasions some frames seemed solarized with sort of yellowish fade. It's especially when changing lenses in a hurry and under bright sun (which is not a wise thing to do, I know).

[quote=sevo;1697579]".... "Don't alter the shutter speed on a un-cocked camera" is generally untrue - you may lose or mis-expose a frame on cameras using a classic Leica style cloth shutter, but that is the worst that will happen, even if something appears to break in that context, it already was broken.

Sevo, losing a frame or two on the Leica would have been alright had I known the cause was changing shutter speed before cocking, but when I didn't know, it just made the camera seem unreliable;instead of holding the operator accountable.
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