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Originally Posted by taemo View Post
they definitely achieved the goal of lighter camera gears by going mirrorless.

however with the advent of high megapixel full-frame sensors, they are being held back by the current lenses.

IMO Fuji nailed it by not jumping into the saturated FF market.
If you want something small and light then go Fuji X, if you want best IQ and don't mind the size then go GFX
All Fuji did is follow there history really.... The FF market is very saturated plus they didn't have any history in that landscape... APC made good sense... X-Trans sensor is it achilles heel I don't care what anyone says... I had the XPro2 nice camera...sensor is flawed with the smearing of detail, watercolor effect..etc Medium Format made perfect sense with there history in that landscape plus that's more a niche market but still has plenty of room to grow...
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