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Originally Posted by Chriscrawfordphoto View Post
That is the point. Bill asked if price was related to image quality. It isn't.
Actually it most definitely is. Cheaper cameras on the whole have worse image quality than expensive ones. There are outliers (like the Leica M) and there are bans where cameras share the same sensor in different bodies cost different amounts (like your Olympii) but on the whole, price = performance.

If you want to make the car analogy, image quality is lap times. Everything else you mentioned about cars speaks to usability, not performance. The Ferrari is faster. The Toyota might be more comfortable and easier to drive, but it's not faster.

Rolex is like Leica, it's a pretty good performing (actually very well performing) watch wrapped up in status. Sure, it's not as accurate as a phone that syncs automatically, but it's not in the same class. It's like comparing a film Leica to a digital Nikon.
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