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Originally Posted by mich rassena View Post
What I don't get is the grouching about obsolescence when the old stuff is still compatible with off-the-shelf software, memory cards, flashes and so forth. No one is compelling upgrades, you can even still buy compact flash cards at far, far cheaper prices than when they were the prevalent format. It's not like anyone is twisting your arms to get the latest gear. New stuff is incrementally better than old stuff. When has that not been the case? I'd much prefer that to a stagnant marketplace where the 2013 model could be sold in 2018 for the same money as when it was new.

Maybe people are just upset that a camera is now like a new car: drive it off the lot and it loses 20% of its value, depreciates to nothing in a few years. But electronics aren't investments, they're tools, and their utility is their value.
Sometimes I have to think it is because these people don't use the camera much... but for someone like me that will make 12,000 images in a year, depreciation equals film costs in the past (or even less).
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