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Assuming you want to stick with the Leica M series forget the M9 - its just an uprated M8 and old technology. Get the M 240 - it is full frame, its operations and image quality are superb especially compared with those above and even today it is rated as value for money and reliable. But before going further in this thread turn to an another thread on RFF exactly on this point about whether it is worth getting an M240 today. There are many posts on this discussion and there is no value repeating them here. But.........if you want to go off grid I think I would most likely opt for say a Sony A7ii or something of that sort which is also excellent and can still mount your M lenses. I frequently use my Sony NEX 7 and find it to be fine for manual focus lenses though a different experience to Leica M bodies. The latter is both good and bad in that the EVF is easier to focus if your eyes are in any way impaired as mine are but the haptics / handling etc are not so nice.
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