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Old lenses with beautiful bokeh - Ideas?
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Old lenses with beautiful bokeh - Ideas?

Having adapted quite a few mainly Japanese lenses - Nikon, Canon, Pentax etc plus some Leica glass and confirmed for myself that there are some beautiful performers amongst them, I am becoming more interested in old mainly European glass. I have posted another thread touching on this but I found today some marvellous shots taken with a Dallmeyer Super-Six 102mm f1.9. I presume its for something like the Kowa Super Six medium format camera. I gather too that its a pricey lens - although I have not seen this one on eBay other Dallmeyer glass certainly is pricey. (Dallmeyer is also an old maker who's line of lenses go back to early large format cameras but I imagine that's not what I am seeing here - BTW here is a link exhibiting some of their really big old lenses - and I mean BIG and OLD! )

This lens and some others by this maker produce superb (and slightly funky bokeh which may not be to everyone's taste). But while the "usual suspects" amongst Japanese makers produce some technically brilliant performers, I am interested in more artistic rendition even where this lacks a little in modern technical performance.

It set me thinking about what other options there may be - old glass like this that shoots nicely and in particular produces nice bokeh. A few links and samples from the i'net. Any ideas and samples you folks can offer?

The above samples were from this thread.
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