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I almost grabed a used one for $2,700, but I couldn't get the seller to give me a photo or better description of the 'scratch mark on the LCD'. I didn't want to take the chance it was far worse that what he description lead me to believe. He promised photos, I but I never got them, or I passed. Oh well...

I will probably get one when the are available new here with US warranty. Then again, I might just opt for the S3 or D2x. But the R-D1 has the makings of a perfect compact digital every day carry camera for someone that doesn't like the P&S and compact single lens digital cameras.

I haven't warmed up to any of the compacts because of all the compormises they have over a RF or SLR (film or digital). The digital SLR's are free of those compormises but are too big for every day carrying. But the R-D1 looks to be a cross between the two, and on par with a R3a with a digital sensor. Perfect in my book for what I am looking for.

I wish I could get the Professional Photographer here, but I haven't seen in at the newstands. I'd love to read that article before buying the R-D1. I do get Digital Photographer from the UK, and Photo Pro here in the US. Both good mags, and both seem to cover the digital scene well.
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