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Originally Posted by retnull View Post
The images look good. Life-changing? NO. But, they look very good for a small digital camera.

In my experience, Fuji lenses have a certain delicate or gentle personality. I see this quality in the sample images here.
It's not really that the images are expected to be life changing, it's the camera itself that is so exciting.

If these were images from a new aps-c Dslr from sony or canon, only the most anal of pixel peepers would be excited, as this is only a marginal improvement over the d7000 or 60D in noise (and looking like dynamic range too).

It's the fact it is shaping up to offer class leading aps-c quality in a much smaller form factor. If it increases the number of times a photographer has his camera and takes photos, that's what could be "life changing" to that photographer. Having a high quality small camera to carry more often than a dslr. Too often we have to choose between "great image quality", small size, price, and a viewfinder.

Leica X1? no viewfinder and expensive
Nex? No viewfinder (and for now, slow lenses unless you adapt and lose AF)
m4/3? none of the small ones have good integrated viewfinders, and image quality isn't as good as aps-c
real P&S like s90/lx5/XZ-1? No viewfinder and IQ is way behind aps-c
M8/9/RD-1? Price (and it is looking very likely that at least on the noise-in-high-ISO front, the x100 will readily spank all 3 of these)
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