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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
Relax guy... it's called generalization. People are upset with the photos Fuji chose to show for the camera and want a pro to get a hold of the camera. I just would rather see a regular test site than a pro, that's all. I don't want composition, content, subject matter, etc swaying my view about a camera. It's my opinion, which I guess you didn't like.

Yes, we all use post processing whether in the darkroom or on the computer. My point is that I've seen people buy a camera because some pro made very beautiful photos with it (completely PP to hell) and then they were disappointed they didn't get the same results. So yes my point is that test shots to show off a camera are better to see straight out of the camera... which amateurs tend to do more so than pros IMO. Most pros I would think wouldn't feel comfortable with straight out of camera.

Also keep in mind that even a professional needs some time behind the lens with a new camera to learn and adapt to its nuances. Just case you spend years with your fav M8, doesn't mean you're going to get the same results out of your buddy's M8.2 or M9 even it it has the same lens. Cameras are like women ^-^ no two are the same.
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