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Okay, at precisely this point, I had a question. I bought some time ago a Nikon SP with the serial number 623173X.
According to your quotes here itīs a camera from the last batch of 994 cameras built between 1964 and 1965 to meet demand.
But this camera is equipped with a cloth shutter, old style die-cast lever advance and the film counter cover is engraved with 3
concentric rings. All features from the early Nikon SP series. I remember that I read somewhere on cameraquest
"Occasionally you will see SP's with serial numbers ranging in the 30,000 range or over. These are cameras with
replacement top plates." Is this a refurbished camera with a new top plate? Or can anyone tell me if ​​cameras were
made within the last batch which include the old features - mainly cloth shutter etc. .
I'm a little bit confused, what's wrong now.
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