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Numbers for the 500mm f5
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Numbers for the 500mm f5

I would question the numbers of 157 lenses for the 500mm f5 Nikkor T. Does this include the 500mm in all mounts, or just in Nikon bayonet? That might quite a difference in the total number.

My records indicate a production run from 647001 to at least 647123 with no noticeable break (nos 647021 is the earliest recorded). The changeover from the "INF" to the "lazy 8" for infinity occurs somewhere between 647090 and 647099. A small number of Leica mounts are in that range. The lowest number in the next series that I have records of is 647206 with a run up to 647285. Then a final series starting 647501 through at least 647531, all in direct Bronica mount. That would yield a total of at least 233 lenses. Perhaps there are other gaps, but they are not apparent, and as more lenses turn up, they may be closed. Hope tihs helps. WES
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