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Stephen, This project has little to do with what's easy.
In the end, I'm sure I will have spent less time building this, than the time it would take me to work and earn enough to buy a Nikon cordless.

I average 8$ an hour, tell me I can afford it on top of a house payment, electric, gas, and water bills? It's a miracle I've held onto this hobby!

In total Ill only have about 150$ into the camera and winder.
Along with an added repair budget of 150$ to have them matched.
My cordless pack will likely be made of ABS, which is free to me.
I have a good friend who shares my passion for tinkering, and provides me with many of the tools and knowledge I use to build my creations. He couldn't have any less of an interest in cameras. He does, however, value a good project.

Please feel free to check out the grip I made for my Hi-Matic FP posted in the Fixed Lens RF subforum. It cost me all of 1$ for the rattle can its covered in. It is also ABS.

The worth, comes in satisfaction.
I'm a tinkerer. Always will be.
I also have every bit of confidence in my skills as a fabricator.
I CAN do this and I WILL succeed

I hate to be rude, but lets keep the nay saying to ourselves.
Please read the original post, where I clearly state my intentions.

I do greatly respect your opinion Stephen!

I also noticed your the head bartender, what's it take to get a drink around here?
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