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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Print into transparency and use a large 8x10 enlarger to print or copy stand to copy into a negative ?

How does Sebastiao Salgado do it ?

seriously curious,


Piezography has a system where I can print a digital negative onto overhead transparency film and contact print onto an Ilford silver paper to make a wet print. This is for only B&W. This seems very well suited for use with my MM9. Currently I am printing using Piezography for ink jet prints, and I only have to change out two inks to be able to print digital negatives.

Salgado created a digital 4x5 negative using either a Pentax 645 (film) or a Canon DSLR for image capture for Genesis. The 4x5 digital negatives were then wet printed using an enlarger. Salgado had this very high end lab in Paris make the digital negatives and print for him.

What is so remarkable is how seamless the film verses digital Salgado achieved where it kinda is very hard to distinguish the digital from the analog image capture in the final often huge wet. Really took a trained eye to distinguish any differance (digital had slightly more shadow detail/film had smoother highlights). Almost undistinguishable. Amplify this IQ to really huge enlargements like 4x5 feet.

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