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Originally Posted by Calzone View Post

I had the opportunity to see the Genesis show at ICP.


The last show that had as great an impact on me was the Richard Avedon show at MOMA in the seventies. This show was comprised of portraits printed big using an 8x10 view camera.
You're not making me feel any better about missing that exhibit when it was still at ICP!

Originally Posted by Tin View Post
But my thinking was not so much along the line of making exhibition sized prints, but for using film as the archival medium.
Tin, that's exactly what made me think of it several months back as well. Negatives and prints have a proven long term storage outcome under appropriate conditions. Conversely, storing digital files for the long term is a continuously evolving challenge.

Even in just the time I've been involved in computing I've seen at least half a dozen major storage formats appear and disappear. All you can do is transfer mediums regularly pretty much. Even then you have data decay to worry about, to say nothing of proprietary file formats etc.

That's part of what drew me back to a mixed film & digital approach (and printing!) especially for our family memories. I have multiple backups including off-site ones for my digital files, but I also like having some analog negatives, albums, and prints around as well.
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