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Vytasn, the link looks'd need an image, some sw, a epson printer and "high quality transparency" film.

more from amazon:
"This step-by-step guide includes everything you need to make tonally lush digital negatives for alternative contact printing processes including platinum/palladium, silver gelatin, cyanotype, etc. With a minimum amount of testing and no nerdy geek-speak, this richly illustrated guide will launch you on your way to making classic, photographic prints you'll be proud to display and share. The included Photoshop® template and simple, drag-and-drop methods require no more than a basic understanding of Photoshop CS4 or later. Even the technically challenged will find the New Inkjet Negative Companion easy to follow and use. Three accompanying video tutorials cover Using Dan's Inkjet Negative Template, Printer Settings and Adjusting Inkjet Negative Curves. These videos are especially helpful to those who prefer to learn by watching rather than reading. The New Inkjet Negative Companion is rebuilt from the ground up to cover new printers, new versions of Photoshop and new color management methods."

vytasn: any comments on this method ?
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