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TV cameras
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TV cameras

"a TV (electronic) camera lens that old (from a era well before ENG) would almost invariably have been in a blimp box, and focused/zoomed from the camera control unit installed in the control room/car."

Not necessarily. Plenty of TV studio cameras were mounted on tripod/dolly combos with individual operators standing behind each one controlling the zoom and focus. The camera may have been blimped, but not the lens. To see a 1960-vintage TV studio camera with the 85~250 zoom mounted on it go to: <>. Picture is third one down on right.
IT appears that some kind of servo or manual remote controls were added to the lens but how this was done is not apparent from the picture. I wonder if the large screw underneath the zoom ring was intended for securing a remote focus? But maybe not since the F version also has that screw. WES
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