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My guess is that you have a one off adapted lens to who knows what special purpose.

There were many professional photo machine shops in Los Angeles and NYC during the hey days of film Hollywood, adapting virtually anything to everything.

I could be wrong, but that does not look like a Nikon factory made mount to me.
One problem is that factories want production, not unusual mounts. Whether TV lens or big screen movie camera, no idea.
A 85-250 zoom would probably be more useful for location 35mm movie cameras or on site TV reporting than sound stages.
At one time this was the ONLY Japanese made tele zoom for 35mm photography, which could be the reason for an expensive one off adaptation.

As Braszko points out, the short mount zoom was announced and in the price list.
Accordingly we can be sure that short mount zoom existed and worked properly at least in prototype form,
even if your particular lens could not mount to a Nikon Reflex housing(with the proper mount).
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