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I took some measurements off my lens. There is just space for a Visoflex I housing on the back of mounting. Of course a Visoflex II/III, which only requires 67.8mm of space, should fit with some space to spare. However, the Braczko/Lownds lens does not appear to use that much space. There is definitely not enough space for a Nikon Reflex housing which requires 108.8mm depth to the focal plane.
I would note that this lens and its case both had a embossed tape label of "K58." This would suggest an inventory mark of some kind—not the kind of label a private individual would use. The lens also came with its original "passed" inspection card from NK. Cool.
Fred: I would agree that lenses for TV cameras needed a cable or motor system to transfer focus and zoom settings. But many times those attached to the lens with collars clamped around the lens controls. It is a puzzle. WES
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